Meet Our Team

Lauren Schwab, Creator and Founder

Lauren's goal is to ensure every person she comes into contact with leaves with a bigger smile on their face. Lauren has the tools to transform challenges, realize visions, and inspire others through her example. As well as help others find freedom of simply being themselves and responding authentically to each moment. Lauren is combining her passions for health, wellness, and helping others to make an impact in this world. She believes in the journey, not the destination, and hopes that many people will join her on the journey.

Shannon Barr, CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

Shannon is a story-teller and content creator who enjoys gathering and sharing transformative information. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in-training, she's particularly passionate about holistic wellness (mind, body, and soul), functional movement, and exploring nature — both outdoors and within.

At Unplugged Mornings, she joyfully manages the marketing, communication, and creative content, as well as website updates and retreat logistics.

Danielle Welch, CBO (Chief "Bridge the Gap" Officer)

Friends for over 10 years... When Lauren and Danielle were brainstorming about Unplugged Mornings in mid 2018, it happened to be at the exact same time that Danielle was stepping out of working a corporate job in advertising/marketing sales and into business ownership to run her own website design and marketing consulting company. She wanted to be a part of making Lauren's vision come to life and so they began to partner together on developing a digital presence for Unplugged. Today Danielle manages the website, consults on marketing strategy and handles any of the "techy" stuff that Lauren might need help with! She also is a wife, mother of 2, mentor, and business owner. When she’s not chasing around a toddler, she loves being active and doing workout classes at her local gym!

Simone, Chief Energy Officer

Simone is a Metaphysical energy healer, Breathwork and Meditation teacher and Fitness Coach. As the chief energy officer at unplugged, she is responsible for building and maintaining client relations, logistics, and facilitating Unplugged Morning events and retreats.


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