About Unplugged Mornings

Unplugged Mornings came to me one morning during an “Unplugged” energy healing. I had a vision that I was surrounded by outlets and those outlets all represented a different source of seeking happiness. For example, a relationship, a job, a car, a house…thinking that WHEN I found the perfect partner, perfect career, nice car, big house etc THEN I would be happy. We also plug into outlets to numb certain pain or bring external comfort when in reality we should be going within to find true happiness. I visualized myself connected to a chord that was plugged into this external outlet. I reached for the chord and unplugged from the external outlet and plugged into myself. It was then that everything in my life made sense. All the answer lie within…we just have to figure out how to access them! It was in this moment that Unplugged Mornings was born!

I created a 9-Step practice using “UNPLUGGED” to help us disconnect to reconnect to YOU! A practice to help you start focusing on your outlook in life and not your outlets!

U - Universe - Deep breath, meditate or pray
N - Nourish - Water & fuel
P - Play - Fun things
L - Learn - Read a book
U - Unleash - Forgiveness & letting go of 1 thing each day
G - Gratitude - What are you grateful for? Express abundance
G - Generosity - What is 1 thing you’ll do today that’s generous for another human being?
E - Exercise - Move your body! Movement is Medicine!
D - Declare - “I AM” powerful statement

I truly believe that how you start your day sets to tone for not only that day, but your entire life! The most successful people I know all have a morning routine and my hope is that you will join the Unplugged Mornings Movement and start living your best life!

Change your morning…change your life!

What is the mission of Unplugged Mornings?

Disconnect to reconnect to YOU!

Who is Unplugged Mornings for?

Everyone! We all need to give back to ourselves! Allowing yourself unplugged time first thing in the morning to connect and go within will set you up for a winning day!

How can people get involved?

Join to movement! Unplugged mornings hosts weekly workouts in LA and soon Nashville will also have weekly workouts! Unplugged Mornings is hosting pop-up events in cities all over the U.S.

Follow us on Instagram @unpluggedmornings for updates on events in your area! We will also be hosting Unplugged Retreats starting in November 2018! Let’s get connected!


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